Misdirected tweets for Cardinals’ Dockett source of amusement

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in Blog

My Sunday best …

The assistant commissioner of new media for the Missouri Valley Conference has never owned an alligator. He has never hit on Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend and as far as we know, has never posted a revealing shower shot for all to see on Twitter.

Yet many people think he has.

That’s what happens when your Twitter handle, “ddocket,” looks an awful lot like “ddockett,” the user name for the Cardinals’ talented and unpredictable defensive lineman.

Like Darnell Dockett, “I try not to take myself too seriously,” said Derrick Docket, 31. “But I’m not as outgoing as him. And I definitely don’t use such colorful language.”

Derrick, a graphic artist who promotes the conference’s brand through social media and manages its Web site, knew something was amiss two years ago when he started receiving random tweets scolding him for being pulled over by the police.

“I’m thinking, ‘What is going on?’ “ he said. “ ‘I’m at work. I didn’t get pulled over.’ ”

He soon understood the confusion. The real culprit was the Tweeter with the extra “T” in his last name. The Cardinals’ popular lineman had been stopped by the police and had refused to let them search his car. He chronicled the several-hour ordeal on Twitter, including offering his phone to the police officer who wanted to call for backup.

The misdirected tweets often come to Derrick when his football alter ego does something noteworthy off the field. They were fast and furious several months ago when Darnell “courted” Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of McCarron, on Twitter, offering to take her out for chicken wings and to accompany her to a — ahem —gentleman’s club.

One football fan tweeted to Derrick that he “needs to grow up. You’re in the NFL and a role model to others. Yet you act like a teenage boy. Respect @AJMcCarron and his girl.”

After the offender realized his mistake, he apologized.

“That’s, alright,” Derrick tweeted back. “I grew up.”

Derrick is amused by the mistaken Tweets and tries to have fun with them. He always clarifies the identity mix-up and often adds the hashtag “beastmode.”

A perusal of their Twitter bios makes it clear these are two different cats. Derrick’s says he is a “sports fan, tech geek, graphic designer.” Darnell’s says he loves “rabbit guts, pig feet, fried roaches and boiled termites.”

Darnell is 6-4, Derrick 6-1. Darnell makes $3.4 million a year. Derrick doesn’t.

Both, however, have great senses of humor. As someone tweeted in February, “I heard @ddockett was funny but followed @ddocket on accident. Turns out @ddocket is the funny one.”

Look out Darnell, you have some competition. …

Dockett (the one who likes to have quarterbacks for lunch) unveiled a new facemask at the team’s FanFest Tuesday night. It has a futuristic cyborg look, with 18 diagonal and six horizontal bars, not to mention a reflective visor. It’s intimidating, because you know, he’s clearly not intimidating enough on the field. He has yet to say if he’s going to use it during the season. …

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