The Morning After the Grind


Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes goes on Vacation with his family to Ireland and calls in to the show. Special guest: Mick McCarthy.

Producer Joe and Kevin Slaten are buddies…

The Kid From Brooklyn

The Cat calls Treasure Island to get “Talon” a room

Budweiser Mike Chats with Tim and Martin

Frank Cusumano audio bits and a pastor calls in to chat with the Morning Grind

The Sorority Call-In

Budweiser Mike is headed to Bosnia and a recap of Mike Lee’s Birthday Party

Hardcore Hockey Talk from Martin, Tim and Jim

Ask Tony (May, 2005)

The first segment of the Morning After with Tim, Doug and the Cat

“Betty” calls in to voice her displeasure with Tim (She loves Martin on Channel 3)

“Zed” wants the Morning Grind to talk more sports

Tim, Doug and Jay Jr. hear the “Communards” for the first time.

Martin Kilcoyne joins the Morning After for a special announcement

Rudy and Timberfake call in during the same segment on the Morning After

The Morning After Breaks A Story about WWE Diva Mickey James

Doug Vaughn’s experience with didn’t go so well.

Ask Tony:, John Stamos at second base and who would win a fist fight between Tony and Dusty Baker?

Ask Tony: Tony’s issue with Calvin May, why does Tony make that “bah” noise and more…

Ask Tony: Tony’s Birthday, does he remember 1982 and more…

A Schedule Reading with caller Douglas